Brusha Brusha Brusha


Your mission:  Clean your teeth using a bristled device made of plastic.

Special skills needed:   Ability to life and hold a bristled device made of plastic.

Technique preferred:  Circular stroke over tooth and gum.

Amount of force necessary:  Herein lies the rub (no pun intended).  Since the whole point of brushing the teeth is to remove plaque (which has the consistency of pudding during the first 24 hours of contact), a minimal amount of force is needed to do the job.  Practice by holding the brush with only three fingers (yes, pinkie in the air) to deliver enough force for a focused, soft bristled brush to remove plaque.  When the brusher recognizes this minimal pressure, they may return to the normal grip on the handle.  There is damage to tooth structure when too much force is used.  Even if the brush itself is soft and the movement is circular.  The damage manifests as “dished out” surfaces, usually at the gumline which eventually becomes sensitive, then outright painful…so don’t do that!

Your goal:  Clean (intact) teeth!!!

P.S.  You can put your pinkie down now.