Christmas Cleanup

editchristmas cleanup

Oh My! It’s the dreaded ‘after-Christmas’ cleanup. Yuck.
This has never been anything I’ve looked forward to, but, once finished I feel great! The house is super clean and looks ready for whatever the new year will bring!
Honestly, it’s kinda the same with having teeth cleaned: can’t really say it’s something to which I countdown with joyful anticipation, and knowing all the bacteria that’s being removed, the only word that comes to mind is: yuck.
On the flip side, being super clean and ready for new stuff are some of my favorite things!!! Plus I don’t have to be worried about weird surprises in my mouth causing discomfort and inconvenience to say the very least.
Dr Hill and Dr Schneidmiller along with each member of the staff have the same ideology: prevent, prevent, prevent! Don’t wait to prevent your next dental issue—making the call to our office is the first step to a happier and healthier mouth!