Stick out Your Tongue!

Ever seen white stuff on your tongue? Ever had less than sweet breath? Ever cleaned your tongue??

It turns out that the tongue is a magnetic carpet of sorts for collecting bacteria, food particles and dirt/particle from the air we breathe. This can manifest in a white film or soft white blobs on the tongue surface that are not directly harmful, but are unpleasant!
Like any oral surface, the human tongue needs cleaning every day. Typically, your toothbrush can do the job with very gentle motion at the beginning of your hygiene routine. If you tend to gag, then hold the brush still and move your tongue over the bristles—this works too!
White debris blankets are removed in the same way and the newly cleaned surface can be further neutralized with a rinse of water and baking soda. It feels good! Other mouth rinses are generally too strong to use right away.
Considering how important clean breath and healthy tongues are, we are lucky not to be in the giraffe family! To clean a 20 inch long tongue, we’d never leave the bathroom.

selective focus photography of giraffe head
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