Dental Technology

man leaning on trailerThe digital age has revolutionized the way we interact with our world. Video chats connect people across the globe. Digital photography makes the visual record of our lives fuller and easier than ever.

The same is true in dentistry.

Here are a few of the modern tools we currently use in our La Mesa office, and what they can do for you.

Digital X-rays

There was once a time when mouth x-rays were a hassle and a half. With the development of digital x-raying devices, most of the concerns patients have with x-rays have dramatically reduced.

Instead of a wing of film between your teeth, as in traditional x-rays, you bite alongside a digital sensor. This sensor send images directly to the dentist’s screen. No wait for film development, no risk of needing to go back in for a retake due to blurry images or equipment malfunctions. Your dentist can see real-time images of your teeth and jaws, and reshoot or zoom in while you’re still in the chair.

X-rays do still use some radiation, and every precaution is taken to make this exposure safe and harmless. Digital x-ray machines have significantly lowered the radiation emission, making it the safest and clearest way to get a good look inside your mouth.

Dry Shield Suction
To reduce the spread of aerosols, we use Dry Shield suction as well as High Volume Evacuation. The Dry Shield not only removes aerosol BEFORE it leaves the mouth, it also acts as a soft guard protecting the throat. It is much appreciated by both patient and practitioner alike. The doctors have used Dry Shield for many years prior to Covid 19—now it’s value has increased!

Soft Dental Laser

Laser dentistry sounds like a thing of the future, but it is very present and available to you.

Lasers are primarily used with soft-tissue procedures. The gums surrounding your teeth are just as important to keep healthy, but you can’t drill into the gum and then patch it with a filling. Soft tissue requires a little more finesse. That’s where the lasers come in.

With minimal invasion, lasers can be used to address gum disease, infections, or even oral tumors, many times without discomfort at all.

Panorex Machine

Our state of the art digital panoramic machine will make a wide image of your entire dentition in only one take! It’s ability to disclose abnormalities of teeth, jaws, development and joints is invaluable.

Intraoral Camera

Intraoral cameras are just what they sound like: cameras that give us an up close and live view of your mouth. These differ from x-rays in that they are optical cameras. They are used to look at the teeth instead of through them.

Anything a dentist can see with a mirror, the camera can see closer and clearer. These tools make diagnoses much easier, allowing you to get treatment that’s much more specific to you.