What You Need to Know About Dental Emergencies & How to Handle Them

There are all sorts of situations that constitute a dental emergency, but some are more severe than others. It’s important that you know what to do in various situations so your oral health can remain as good as possible. As your La Mesa & San Diego dentistry professionals, Drs Hill & Schneidmiller, recommend the following for certain emergencies:

  • Bitten or Cut Cheek, Lip, or Tongue – If you have a severe enough bite or cut inside or around your mouth, use sterile gauze to apply pressure. Ice can also be applied near or outside the area. If you bleed for more than 15 minutes, seek medical attention at the emergency room.
  • Bleeding Gums After Baby Teeth – It’s normal for a little bit of bleeding to occur after a baby tooth falls out, but if the blood persists longer than 15 minutes, contact us for a visit. In the meantime, apply pressure with sterile gauze.
  • Broken Tooth – If your tooth breaks, it’s important that you do your best not to swallow fragments. Contact us for an immediate visit so we can assess the damage and begin the best treatment for your situation.
  • Cold or Canker Sores – These are most often handled well with over-the-counter medications. If the cold or canker sore lasts longer than a few days without making noticeable improvement or hinders your ability to eat, swallow or talk, contact us for an appointment.
  • Permanent Tooth Knocked Out – Time is of the essence when a permanent tooth is knocked out. Pick up the tooth by the crown and gently rinse it in water. Be sure not to rub or scrub it. Gently insert the tooth’s roots back into the socket and hold it there. If that doesn’t work, contact us immediately and bring the tooth to us in a cup of water or milk, and we’ll take care of you.
  • Possibility of a Broken Jaw – If you suspect your jaw might be broken, close your mouth and tie it shut with a handkerchief or something similar, then immediately head to the emergency room.
  • Toothache – These are common dental emergencies that most patients can handle themselves by rinsing with warm salt water, flossing around the tooth, brushing, and doing an overall hygienic assessment. If pain is severe or lasts longer than one day, contact us to schedule an appointment.

Getting in Touch With Our La Mesa Office

If you are suffering from a dental emergency, don’t let it go untreated! The worst thing you can do is leave a serious emergency alone, and see it go from bad to worse. You don’t have to suffer in silence with your dental emergencies. Get in touch and contact us today at 619-460-8211 and let’s get your dental problems taken care of immediately. We’ll take care of your right away and get you smiling in no time!