Cosmetic Dentistry

A warm smile is an important part of greeting and mingling with others. Patients who believe they could have straighter or whiter teeth may even be hiding their smile completely!

If you find that your hand keeps moving up to cover your mouth when you laugh, or you keep your lips pressed together when you smile, then it’s time for a full smile makeover to give you that needed confidence boost. Drs. Brien Hill and Tamara Schneidmiller are committed to helping you look your finest so you can talk, smile, and laugh freely again!

What Makes A Smile Beautiful?

For most, the ideal smile is bright, straight, clean, full, and healthy. When determining the most skillful means to improve your smile, we will discuss your specific concerns and preferences for how you want to look. Before your consultation, think what exactly you’d like to see in the mirror and in photos. Here are some questions to consider before your smile restoration:

  • Are your teeth too small? Too large? Too crowded? Too far apart? Too stained or dark? Do any teeth need to be replaced?
  • Do too many of your teeth show when you smile? Too much of your gums?
  • Do you want to dazzle and stand out with a perfectly straight and sparkling white smile that still looks natural?

Please bring in pictures of what you do and don’t like or any specific look that you’re hoping to achieve. We will discuss all of your questions and more with you in order to determine which of our dental makeover services will get you your perfect smile!

Our Cosmetic Services

We want to make sure your esthetic dentistry needs are met, both in the short term and long term. That’s why our cosmetic dentists provide such a wide range of insight and services to ensure your satisfaction with your complete smile makeover.

Such services for creating beautiful smiles include:

  • Cosmetic bonding to repair and fill in chips or cracks.
  • Crowns and bridges to replace or cover missing and damaged teeth.
  • Dental implant restorations to repair damaged implants and keep artificial teeth secure.
  • Tooth-colored inlays and onlays to fill in large cavities without being noticeable.
  • Porcelain veneers to quickly and completely transform the appearance of all teeth.
  • Removable dentures that can cover all teeth or just replace a few.
  • Teeth whitening to brighten your smile several shades lighter.

Whether you want one change or a full smile makeover, we can help make your smile dreams a reality here at Hill and Schneidmiller DDS.

Customizing Your Perfect Smile Makeover With Crowns

The types of dental care may vary, but you always deserve top quality treatment. Especially when it comes to aesthetic dentistry! That’s why we work diligently alongside each of our patients, to determine which cosmetic smile makeover method unlocks their full potential.

Due to an active lifestyle, an old sports injury, or health related issues, you might opt for an extreme dental makeover. This may involve selecting crowns to cover any discolored, cracked, or broken teeth.

Luckily, we offer many types of crowns! Both temporary crowns and permanent crowns in our selection are carefully crafted just for you. Not only will they relieve tooth sensitivity but give you a stunning smile as well!

Dental Veneers and a Designer’s Smile

With so many options available, the hardest part of your smile makeover might be deciding where to begin! Luckily, we are here to answer all of your questions and be there in each step of the decision-making process. Together, we will make sure you feel both comfortable, confident while looking fantastic.

A common question you might be faced with on your way to your improved smile is this: should I get crowns or veneers?

While the health of any particular tooth plays a factor in this decision, your personal comfort does as well. Our veneers are fashioned for not only aesthetics which can cover discoloration, chips, or uneven teeth, but they are thinner than crowns and less invasive.

You may want to consider the benefits of dental veneers for your smile restoration if:

  • You have any broken or chipped teeth.
  • You suffer from severe discoloration or uneven coloring that can’t be fixed with whitening.
  • You are uncomfortable with any gaps in your teeth.
  • You suffer from microdontia (smaller-than-average teeth).
  • You have any pointed or unusually shaped teeth.

We can help enhance your smile with beautiful dental veneers here at Hill and Schneidmiller DDS!

Can My Mouth Makeover Be Quicker?

Of course! We understand that each of our patient’s lifestyles and schedules are unique, which is exactly why we offer such a wide range of services. Perhaps you don’t want or even need an extreme smile makeover, but are looking to address a single, troublesome tooth.

If this is the case, our staff may recommend composite bonding. This procedure uses a special resin that will repair any fractures in your teeth. In addition, tooth bonding resin in the hands of our dental professionals matches your natural enamel, allowing us to correct short or misshapen teeth!

What’s more, unlike veneers or crowns, cosmetic bonding procedures are performed in-house! That’s right, thanks to our composite bonding teeth procedure, we can give you a corrected, comfortable, and charming smile in a single visit!

A Winning Approach With Whitening Treatments

The key to a brilliant, white smile might be more complex than some commercials make it out to be. You may have already experienced disappointing results in advertised tooth whiteners such as whitening strips, whitening toothpastes, and whitening gels.

But don’t worry, the satisfying shade for your smile isn’t out of reach!

Our highly skilled dental technicians can remove coffee stains, tobacco stains, and even discoloration caused by medication and natural aging. The advanced whitening agent we use will astound you, showing an improvement of several shades after a single visit!

However, life can be hectic, and we want to make sure our patients’ smiles are looking their brightest whether at home or even on the road! That’s why we provide professional grade whitening kits for your convenience, able to enhance your smile wherever life takes you.

Don’t delay your dazzling smile any longer! Ask us about our Smiles for Miles program and learn how to become a member that receives our whitening agent for life!

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