Meet the Team

Meet our Front Office Manager Extraordinaire: Celeste!

She has been active in dentistry for nearly thirty years which follows since she’s passionate about helping others and especially empathetic toward patients with dental fear. She and her husband settled in east county several years ago and enjoy watching the Detroit Red Wings on tv or in person…yes, they have been known to fly across the country for a game! Celeste loves travelling with her husband and dreams about owning a lakefront home in retirement. Until then, she’s quite happy working with Drs Hill and Schneidmiller because “they are GOOD dentists who have high standards; and they are nice!”

Here’s our Angel!

As lead assistant, Angel is popular with all the patients she treats. After many years in the hospitality industry, she will soon celebrate her fifth anniversary as a Registered Dental Assistant with Drs Hill and Schneidmiller. Maybe she’s drawn to healthcare because she has 14 brothers and 2 sisters…there always bound to be someone in need! Angel is particularly proud of any procedure that provides pain relief to a patient. Living in San Diego’s East County for many years, she enjoys the many aspects of life here: from shopping to car shows to Octoberfest! Angel says she works with Drs Hill and Schneidmiller because “they are great dentists; fun, caring and kind.”

Get to know our Hygiene Specialist, Eva!

We like to call her our ‘Hygenius’ due to her attention to periodontal detail when she performs cleaning treatments. A world traveler, she doubtless has encountered many cultures and levels of dental care, which is probably why she particularly enjoys performing Scale and Root Planing procedures (frequently preventing the need for surgical intervention for those patients). Eva loves San Diego for its diversity and beautiful outdoor locations. Her favorite day off consists of spending time outdoors with her family and boyfriend. She works with Drs Hill and Schneidmiller because “they are the most kind and sincere doctors I have worked with. I love how honest and caring they are towards the patients.”

Registered Dental Assistant, Natalia!

We welcome the newest member of our dental family, Natalia! She comes to San Diego by the way of Ukraine and says she can never stop acknowledging that she lives in one of the most beautiful places in the world!
She loves being a part of her patients’ wellness especially in the area of dental health “dentistry is a very touchy subject, very personal.” Both doctors noted early on that Natalia has a particularly kind and gentle approach toward all patients and are so happy that she has joined them. She says “the doctors are two highly trained professionals” and is “ honored to be on the team.”
Not only is she a Registered Dental Assistant, Natalia also has a degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in English Language and Literature.
After a career in dentistry, Natalia sees herself living in a “little house with her beloved husband, receiving frequent visits from their grandchildren”.