Meet the Team

Get to know our Hygiene Specialist, Eva!

We like to call her our ‘Hygenius’ due to her attention to periodontal detail when she performs cleaning treatments. A world traveler, she doubtless has encountered many cultures and levels of dental care, which is probably why she particularly enjoys performing Scale and Root Planing procedures (frequently preventing the need for surgical intervention for those patients). Eva loves San Diego for its diversity and beautiful outdoor locations. Her favorite day off consists of spending time outdoors with her husband and family. She works with Drs Hill and Schneidmiller because “they are the most kind and sincere doctors I have worked with. I love how honest and caring they are towards the patients.”


Danae is a terrific fit with our established team of dedicated healthcare workers! As a student of science, she quickly adapted to a career in dental hygiene and found it gave her the opportunity to meet new people. Her quick wit has made her a fun addition to the office!
One of her goals is to help folks “down the path to improved oral and overall health” by spending time one-on-one with patients. The people are the best part!
Danae likes to stay busy: painting, cooking, learning new languages. She would love a future that includes exploring the world, more time with family and friends, plus LOTS of animals!
She chooses to work with Drs Hill and Schneidmiller because “they are unfailingly thoughtful, kind and friendly people.”

Anette has Joined Us!

Not only a Registered Dental Assistant (graduating with highest honors), Anette also has an Associate’s Degree in Psychology—which comes in handy within a dental office! Her last five years working alongside doctors further enhanced her passion for dentistry, so she is determined to pursue a degree in Dental Hygiene as well.

Her journey into dentistry began as a child, sitting in the orthodontist’s chair. ‘After having braces, I always found teeth fascinating!’ Anette is well aware of the profound difference it makes to have a healthy smile.

She spends her spare time enjoying her family, friends and her fur-child, Meeko! A true nature-lover, you can always bet on Anette hiking trails around town, away from all the concrete.
In fact, her dream life would include living in a country setting here in San Diego. Morning strolls among birds and trees would be the best!

Anette chose to work with Drs Hill and Schneidmiller because “they are kind people and truly value their staff and patients.”

Karen Joins Your Front Office Team!

Karen’s cheery disposition is our most recent addition to your dental team. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and an Associate’s degree in Business Management. She found her way into the health care community and then chose to work with Drs Hill snd Schneidmiller because she is “excited to work in a supportive fun atmosphere where I can continue to learn and grow.”

Karen is a true San Diego gal—she most enjoys spending time at the beach and swimming. She loves her her four kids: one beautiful daughter and three four-legged fur-children!

She looks forward to any type of travel and would love a retirement full of full-time travels!

Karen complimented Hill and Schneidmiller DDS by saying she was looking for ways to expand her knowledge in health care and has learned more with them during training than her previous employment in total!