Back to School Memories

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BACK-TO-SCHOOL SEASON is in full swing! Some parents are sad to have less time with their children, others are ecstatic to have the house kid-free for seven hours a day. But all grown-ups can look back on what it was like to be a child back in school, and that includes our team.


Celeste will never forget her first day of Kindergarten; Mom in hysterics, waving goodbye and Dad driving her to the school in his drag racing car! Wow!

Donna remembers she couldn’t wait for dance class at Performing Arts with her favorite teacher all through elementary school who taught her “don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be or do something—Be ANYTHING you want!!”

Eva lived in Greece during middle school and was excited to choose French as her third language to learn (besides Greek and English). Tres bien, mon ami!

Dr Hill can still see his mom shedding a few tears as he got on the little bus with his little outfit on the way to Convent of the Sacred Heart for Kindergarten.

Angel always felt nervous about how her name would be mispronounced on the first day…Dr S also understands this phenomenon.

Dr S always looked forward to seeing her friends again, especially at Taft Junior High where there was always a competitive card game at lunchtime!!


Dr Hill says definitely Mrs Joliff in sixth grade at Murdoch Elementary—she taught by contract and he loved having part in this responsibility.

Angel loved the way Miss Talapa at Spring Valley Elementary third grade took her time to teach the youngsters. “She was sweet and beautiful.”

Eva said it was Mrs Roberts at Cajon Valley High School that really inspired her. She was the english teacher who REALLY taught.

Celeste remembers Ms McMillian in third grade at Bostonia Elementary who gave her hugs during her parents divorce and calmed her by saying everything would be ok.

Dr S says it’s a tie: Mrs Shirley Franklin at Taft who taught biology, chemistry and physics and opened up a love for all the sciences; and Mrs Betty Bryant at Serra High who taught English and asked the impossible of her students everyday. At the end of the year it occurred to the kids that they had actually delivered just that.


Celeste couldn’t wait to get new safety scissors (that way she could cut her own hair without Mom knowing!).

Donna and Dr S loved getting new lunchpacks! Dr S most favorite featured The Partidge Family. Oh my!

Angel wanted a new backpack—she was allowed to pick it out herself, so she always picked a pretty green one.

Eva and Dr Hill’s favorites are similar: Eva wanted colored pencils…so she could draw on the walls! Troublemaker!! Dr Hill, the angel (not), said, “no doubt about it—the 64 Box of Crayolas!”


We’ve shared our stories about the excitement of being back in school, but we’d love to hear yours! Either post in the comments below or go on social media and tag our practice when you share your memories.