Celebrating Our Mothers

 an important figure in all of our lives—
our mothers!

We’re grateful for all of the time, attention, and care our mothers provide for us throughout our upbringing and beyond. The positive impact they have is immeasurable and we want to express what they mean to us this Mother’s Day.

From Celeste:”I love the way my mom was crazy; she took my dolls heads off, put them on a whole chicken and chased me around with it.”

From Angel: “My mom worked at my elementary school as “The Lunch Lady.” She would wear a different colored wig everyday. She was the most popular person at that school.”

From Dr. Hill: “I loved my mothers casseroles. Chicken Tortilla, Eggs Portugal, YUM. Love ya mom.

From Colleen: “My mother was our Campfire Leader.  At home we did all kinds of crafts.”

From Dr S:  “My mom’s lasagne is the best in the world…also the pineapple chicken…also the chocolate coconut cake…and the noodles with the hot dogs in it…oh my—I didn’t know that memories can make you gain weight!  I love my mom!”


From The Mothers On Our Team… What Do You Love Most About Being A Mom? 

From Angel: “Watching your children’s successes, they make you proud.”

From Colleen: “When your children brag about your cooking.”

Mothers, We Appreciate You!

Whether your mom lives near or far, show her how grateful you are for her this Mother’s Day. To all you moms out there, THANK YOU!

Have any great stories about your awesome mom or an amazing motherly figure in your life? Post it in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

Happy Mother’s Day! Watch this Video try not to tear up.


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