Dental Eyesight

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Using Dental Glasses to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

At Hill & Schneidmiller DDS, we love to teach our patients about dentistry and some of the inner workings of our dental practice.  We believe that transparency is good, and are happy to broaden the horizons of all those who seek knowledge and would like to learn about dentistry in particular.

You may have noticed that when Dr. Hill and Dr. Schneidmiller examine your mouth, they always use glasses. Considering the dust that flies around, safety glasses are mandatory, however their glasses have mini-microscopes on the lenses!  These glasses certainly appear different than traditional reading or safety glasses. This is because these are “loupes” which provide the eye enhancing capabilities needed to perform proper dental analysis or treatment. Both doctors love how these “loupes” magnify and sharpen what they can see in the mouth, especially way back in the darkest corners.

Because of this extra-sensory vision, the doctors can see tiny problems like spider web fractures, beginning decays and failing fillings even before the patient has symptoms. Plus, our Hygiene Team uses loupes as well, therefore your dental cleaning includes two microscope examinations! The doctors use the information from our Hygiene Specialists: Eva and Danae, or from information on an X-ray, to avoid impending problems.   At the very least, an existing problem is identified and treated more conservatively.  This makes our patients (and their pocketbooks) very happy indeed!

If you are feeling a little bit nervous about your oral health and would like Dr. Hill or Dr. Schneidmiller to use their dental glasses for you, feel free to call us and schedule an appointment. Our phone number is (619) 460-8211. We’ll “see” you soon!