Dental Treats–No Tricks!!

Dental Treats–No Tricks!!

 A quick go-to list of fun treats to give out at Halloween that do not encourage tooth decay and are easy on the pocket book:

sugarfree gum, especially if it contains xylitol (which inhibits decay!!!)

snack packs of granola, especially if they do not include raisins (a sticky sweet fruit)

snack packs of crackers and cheese

plus, treats do not necessarily need to be foods…

plastic novelty rings (big gems, spiders, etc)

sheets of temporary tattoos (Disney preferred by Dr Hill and Dr Schneidmiller, of course)

neon glow sticks for the kids to use as they trick or treat at night

Check out your local dollar store for more ideas!

Then, if you know someone who swayed from the guidelines and needs some dental assistance, call Dr Hill and Dr Schneidmiller to help get your friend back on the right track!