Family Dental Home

tahiti 2007

 When Dr Hill and Dr Schneidmiller first came to their practice, their dream was to create a dental home where generations of people could feel comfortable and confident with the care they are given.  All ages of people would be welcome, from toddlers to great-grandparents, and everyone inbetween.  After a couple of decades, this is what the practice has become: a true home for dental care.  What Dr Hill and Dr Schneidmiller didn’t imagine was that these people would greet them outside the office, yes, actually out in the real world beyond dentistry!  The funniest part is when a shout of “Hey, Dr Hill” or “Hi Dr S” sings out inside the nearby Vons or at an Aztec game.  The docs are grateful and so happy to call so many ‘dental  patients’ their FRIENDS!