Floss: Flat or Fuzzy?



Dental floss is big business now. Just trying to choose from among all the different varieties can be daunting. For the folks who just want to keep their teeth clean without undertaking an enormous research project, here are a couple tricks of the trade:

If your teeth are tight together, pick a waxed floss.
If your teeth are SUPER tight together, pick a Gore-Tex floss like Glide.
If your teeth have large spaces between them, pick a woven (“fuzzy”) floss.
If you want extra breath freshening, pick a flavored floss.
If you want extra protection, pick a fluoride floss.
If you have braces or bridges, add a threader, or ask Dr. Hill or Dr. S for more gadgets to help.
Technology has advanced so check the blog on WaterFlossers for a fun way to keep clean.
But overall, just use something every day to remove the bacteria that create dental decay and gum disease between your teeth! When you find what works best for you, stick with it and your mouth will thank you for it.