A Popcorn Predicament



Who doesn’t love popcorn?? It is a must at movies in the theater and at home, not to mention sporting events! It’s relatively inexpensive, there’s no limit to the different toppings: butter, caramel, butter, salt, butter, cheese, butter, cinnamon, butter, kettled, butter, buffalo wing, butter, garlic with parmesan, butter, ranch and don’t forget extra butter! You can substitute them in marshmallow treats instead of using rice krispies. It even works as croutons in a pinch and the kernels float great in tomato soup! It’s a filling, fun snack no matter how you fix it.

Too good to be true?? Well….the number one cause of gum abscess (painful infection) is a popcorn hull. They easily get stuck under gum tissue next to a tooth and are so smooth and solid, they feel like the natural tooth surface …at first. If you’re aware that something is amiss, you will appreciate how Dr Hill and Dr Schneidmiller are able to remove these little buggers with no trouble at all if you can catch the problem early. A quick call to us and within 24 hours, you have happy gums again! In the meantime, eat those kernels one at a time, hopefully avoiding the predicament in the first place. And don’t forget the butter!