Bucket List


It’s always fun to think about bucket list things: stuff you always wanted to do, places you always wanted to see…
You probably thought that Dr Hill and Dr Schneidmiller eat, breathe and sleep for dentistry, but no! The whole staff was quick to holler out their number one place to see on their very own bucket lists!
Our hygiene specialist, Eva, who has seen several continents already in her life, chose good old Europe for her favorite spot. Deysi, our new assistant, is ready to see Hawaii for the first time. Celeste, who answers all your insurance questions, would love a getaway to Scotland. Angel wants to see fabulous New Orleans…Mardi Gras, anyone? Dr Hill would love to visit the ‘Darwinian’ isle of Galapagos and Dr S is happy to say she will finally mark one item off her bucket list by seeing the Emerald Isle of Ireland later this year!
Be sure to let us know your bucket list locales at your next appointment…it’s something exciting to talk about, plus you may get some travel tips from us (or at least some travel size toothpaste)!