Guilty Pleasure Food


Gee I wonder what a dental office thinks of first for their guilty pleasure food??? To end the anticipation, yes, it’s definitely chocolate for Dr S, Celeste, Angel and Eva. In fact, the photo is only a small selection from the chocolate corner of Dr Schneidmiller’s pantry…oh my!
Dr Hill, being male, perhaps doesn’t have the same genetic love of chocolate. His preference is good old ice cream. That is, the real deal, none of that diet stuff—actual CREAM in the container.
Deysi, being a rebel, chooses Jolly Ranchers. That way she gets satisfaction with both sweet and crunch. And she believes the jolliest of ranchers is the blue-raspberry (don’t believe her? Just check the color of her tongue!).
You may have noticed there’s a trend among all these foods….sugar…sugar…sugar… This is not a typically a dentist’s recommended ingredient so we do tend to brush, floss and rinse within an hour of indulging, especially if the sweet foods are sticky at all. Sticky plus sweet easily transforms from pleasure to problems in the dental arena.
So remember us if you happen to overindulge with guilty pleasure foods; not only can we correct the situation, we will commiserate!