Fooled Ya!

spring blog

Our team is not immune to the practical jokes some folks play on others on April the first each year. Granted, the pranks are not always funny, but there’s a few below that will test your smile muscles!!

Years ago, Eva was impatiently waiting on an acceptance letter to hygiene school, and her boyfriend thought that prank calling her on April Fools to tell her that she got into the dental hygiene program was a good idea…he thought wrong!!!

Angel’s dear husband presented her and their son with a plate of Oreos on April 1st. He neglected to reveal that he’d taken the Oreo cookies apart and scraped the cream center out and replaced it with toothpaste. The funniest part: her son did not even notice.

Celeste’s mom was on a roll one year: she packed a nice lunch for Celeste’s father, which included pictures of bologna (cut from magazines) with real cheese between slices of sandwich bread. He found out at lunch time at work… Then her mom sat Celeste and her little sister down for lunch and her mom gave them artificial fruit, and watched them trying to eat the fake grapes.

We hope these stories gave you a giggle! It seems we’ve always got a story or two to tell; just ask us at your next visit! Until then, enjoy your day and know that we are here for you.