Its a Dental Madlib Xmas!

Apparently, Dr S had too much time on her hands one weekend and decided to play ‘dental madlibs’ (you know, that fill-in-the-blank game using a list of nouns and verbs and so forth) with the staff:
It seems the results speak for themselves…


Many people decorate their Christmas toothbrushes on Christmas Eve.  Last year, Angel had a flossing party and everyone helped bite the tree.  The Fed Ex Guy brought retainers and Listerine.  And Kahuna brought lots of fresh jujubees and candied cotton balls to put on the tree.  The most important decoration, of course, is the string of colored electric corn nuts.

It seems the hardest decoration to pick out is the one that goes right on top.  Once that spit sucker is up, you know that the drilling season has begun.  

We hope your Drilling Season is a happy one, full     
of jawbones and smiles!