Put Your Best Smile Forward

What’s the first thing you notice when you meet a new person?

Woman eating pizza.

Multiple online surveys suggest the same things: appearance, facial expression or more specifically, the smile. A person’s smile can convey many personal characteristics even before they speak a single word.

Think about it: a tight lipped, Jack Nicholson-type smile evokes a very different reaction vs a broad, Julie Roberts-type grin!

While there are many reasons why some folks choose a closed mouth smile, Drs. Hill and Schneidmiller have found that many times it is due to a correctable dental situation. A person’s unwillingness to give a truly happy smile may be based on a broken or discolored tooth, missing or crooked teeth. Each of these circumstances may be easily corrected in our office. Because every person is an individual with unique feelings there are often multiple options for treatment with respect to number of appointments, cost and overall amount of time to achieve your best smile. We choose to work with each patient in order to make the process smooth and comfortable.

Broken or missing teeth can be replaced or repaired in a myriad of ways; sometimes in a single appointment! Discolored teeth can be corrected in our office or even in your own home with a professional whitening system. Crooked teeth may require orthodontics, and often times do not. Drs. Hill and Schneidmiller can guide you through all the options so that you choose the best plan for yourself.

Dr. Schneidmiller remembers a particular patient who, in her 80’s, decided that she was tired of trying to hide her missing and crooked teeth every time she smiled. She thought through the different plans to correct her dentition then began her ‘smile’ journey. When her treatment was concluded, and she was shown a mirror, tears rolled down her cheeks -she was so happy! She then told Dr Schneidmiller that she had always absolutely hated her smile and her husband had never allowed her to have correction. It took her many years to summon the courage to do something just for herself, and she was thrilled with the outcome. Frankly, she was a knockout!

Whether it’s a life long desire or simply a little change to put forth the smile that you feel inside, ask Drs. Hill and Schneidmiller about ways that you can achieve your very best smile…you deserve it!

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