Very Superstitious

It is soooo close to Halloween!  At the office began talking about superstitions/good luck/bad luck/Murphy’s law etc.

Of course some other things came up categorically speaking, like patting a dog on the head for good luck, having an itchy palm or finding a horseshoe.  Celeste says you can even reverse bad luck by knocking twice on wood!  

Gotta avoid things like stepping on cracks and opening umbrellas indoors.  However, if the need should arise, Eva says garlic keeps the bats (and vampires…sometimes husbands per Celeste!) away. One thing we know for sure:  if you ignore your teeth, they WILL go away!

Having an owl living above your house is extra good luck and so is having Dr Hill and Dr Schneidmiller in your corner.  
We are here for you no matter what kind of luck comes your way!