When I Grow Up

This is a picture of San Diego’s oldest schoolhouse, located on Mason Street in Old Town, originally built in 1865.  Just to clarify, none of the team from Dr Hill and Schneidmiller’s office EVER attended the Mason Street School (!), but it is a fascinating place to visit as a museum/historical site. The life of a schoolchild was very different than what one experiences today and we expect they did not have the aspirations for the future that most of us enjoyed.

Our team’s  hopes as youngsters reflect the times and joys of the environment in which they were raised:

Celeste’s grandparents took her to visit the big fire station downtown in San Diego.  She loved every minute of the tour and always wanted to ride around in the Big Shiny Red Truck!  At a tender young age, she decided she would be a Fireman!!!
Eva loved being around little kids and decided she not only wanted to be a teacher, but a Pre-school teacher!  This is probably why she’s such a kind instructor of oral hygiene.
Angel had some early dental visits and because she loved her dentist, decided she too would work in the dental field!  And, happily,  she does!!!
Dr Hill decided in 1969 to be an astronaut because of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon—that looked very exciting!
Dr S still remembers watching the grainy tv coverage of the moon landing…very exciting for her too, especially since her grandfather worked at General Dynamics (Saturn rockets, anyone?).  She was sure to be an astronaut when she grew up.
Gees, those two ought to get together!!!

Whatever your thoughts and dreams as a youngster, life adds in extra experiences until we ultimately ‘grow up’.  The profession you choose will dominate a good portion of your daily life, so hopefully it is a job you enjoy.  In our office, you’ll find a team that is dedicated to assisting you with your dental needs.  We have a combined 26 years of education beyond secondary school and are ready for you whenever you need us!