Why Should Dental Care Include Tooth Whitening?

woman kayakingIt is no small secret that when we are having a good time, we tend to smile and laugh. And who doesn’t have a good time when treating themselves to some of their favorite snacks like coffee, chocolate, or wine?

But be careful! Such delicious treats can make you smile, but they might take a bit of the shine from your pearly whites. So, while it is important to treat yourself and live your best life, it is also important to keep your beaming smile shining with tooth whitening treatments.

My Favorite Goodies Can Smudge My Smile?

The short answer is yes. And not necessarily because of sugar content. Some of the most tempting foods like chocolate or necessary (for some of us) morning drinks like coffee have a high content of tannins.

Tannins are not only astringent by nature, allowing them to erode and weaken your tooth enamel, they also have a nasty habit of attracting sugars and proteins, which causes unsightly stains to your teeth.

Products with the highest tannins are often:

  • Coffee.
  • Black tea.
  • Chocolate.
  • Wine.
  • Grapes
  • Most berries.

My Smile Isn’t White, So What?

You might be surprised by the benefits that come with a white smile. Many of our patients who have received our whitening treatment remark that they feel much more confident about smiling in front of others.

Our teeth are an active part of every day. They are constantly helping with chewing, speaking, smiling, and laughing. Imagine a life where you could do all of that and more without feeling self-conscious about yellow or brown stains on your teeth.

My Teeth or My Tea

We’re not saying you should give up your tea obsession or your coffee habit to protect your teeth. Especially when you have fantastic dental professionals like Dr. Brien Hill & Dr. Tamara Schneidmiller just a call or click away. You see, while tannins stain, they alter the original shade of your teeth. But we have just the means to reverse that process.

At our office, we use the KöR whitening system, which works on a molecular level to break down anything clinging to your teeth that can be causing a stain. Not only is it an excellent way to remove tannins, but it can also remove natural buildup from aging, residue from smoking, and even staining that may be a side-effect of medication!

While the dazzling results offered by KöR are astounding on their own, what is even more incredible is you can see your teeth becoming shades lighter in under two hours! Most in-office tooth whitening treatments take around 90 minutes. Just another great reason to smile!

Sounds Great, but I’m Incredibly Busy…

This is certainly understandable; modern life is becoming more “go, go, go” than we would like to admit, which is the reason why we treat ourselves so often. But, just because it is so hard to pencil in a visit to our La Mesa office doesn’t mean you shouldn’t benefit from a whiter, brighter smile!

That is why our office offers a KöR Whitening kit that you can apply at home. While the in-house procedure shows immediate results, the home whitening treatment is portable and convenient, allowing you to fight stains on your own time.

What if I’ve Tried Tooth Whitening Treatments Before?

If you have tried tooth whitening treatments before and still haven’t received a satisfactory shade for your smile, don’t worry! Our dental professionals have a variety of ways to make sure you can smile with confidence.

For example, you may be interested in cosmetic bonding. Using an advanced, biocompatible resin that bonds with your teeth, cosmetic bonding not only provides you with a new, brilliant white smile, but one that is stain resistant as well!

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