A Day in the Life of Le Monde

The first thing I have to do upon waking is…stretch.  Every conceivable part of my body must be stretched and possible shaken a bit.  Then it’s time to mark the yard.  This takes time and patience to be done correctly; otherwise, one may run out of marking fluid.  I keep trying to get assistance from either my mom or dad, but no dice.

Upon entry into the office, where I work, it is my job to greet all my aunties, who insist on giving me little cookies made of bacon.  I humor them by pretending to be excited and gobble them up.  Then it’s off to the backyard of my office and yes, you guessed it:  I have to mark it all by myself.

Throughout the day, my duties vary.  I generally supervise all patient care, but I am ever available to play with the shorter patients and even with the taller ones when they visit me.  Mostly I give them ‘looks of love’ and reassurance through the picture windows, which is exhausting, then I must nap.

My day ends by securing the perimeter of the backyard, then front parking lot.  My aunties usually need to give me more cookies at this point and of course I give them big hugs goodbye.  I love my aunties.

Soon enough, it’s night-night time at my house and I stretch a bit before bedding down.  A working dog’s gotta get some rest, you know?