Hawaiian Healthcare

Hawaiian Healthcare

Anyone who’s visited Maui, Hawaii has heard of the Baldwin Home, an historical site in Lahaina.  There is a document on display there, dated July 1865 which acts as a fee estimate for healthcare services of the time:

 “The following is the scale of fees to which I consent, if a cure is affected:

1.  Very great sickness…$50

2.  Less than that…$40

3.  A good deal less than that…$30

4.  Small sickness…$20

5.  Very small…$10

6.  Attending a friend…$5

7.  Incantation to find out disease…$3

8.  Taking case from another doctor…$10

9.  Certificate of a doctor…$3

10.  Refusal by the patient to pay…$10

 After practicing dentistry for nearly 30 years, Dr Hill and Dr Schneidmiller have encountered all of the above with one exception…#7.  So, if one of the doctors should enter the operatory singing in a foreign  tongue, be aware there may be a $3 fee!