Retainers are Keepers

shallow focus photography of a woman in green top wearing white coat

So the ordeal of orthodontic braces is over…now begins the Age of the Retainer. And how long does this last? Well, since the mouth is a part of a living and breathing organism (that is, YOU!), the changes that occur with each birthday will affect the alignment of your teeth.

Did you know that parts of the face continue to grow throughout life?  The earlobes, nose and chin are among them.  When the chin elongates, the nice rounded arch of the lower teeth becomes more a of ‘V’ shape and easily creates a crowding visible in the smile.  Even less than perfect use of retainers will help prevent the malocclusion.

Of course, things happen over time (lost my retainers while moving/ forgot my retainers on vacation and now they don’t fit/my dog ate my retainers, etc.) and they may need to be replaced. Fortunately, this is pretty simple – two quick appointments. And it’s worth it since your retainers are your best friends as long as you want to have birthdays with a beautifully crafted smile.