Dry Mouth

clean clear cold drink
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Do you wake up with your lips stuck together? This is one indication of dry mouth, a condition that seems only annoying, but can actually lead to bad breath, cavities and even mouth infections.

Your mouth needs its usual flow of saliva to keep itself moist and clean, especially during the night, but certain medical conditions or the medications that treat them can contribute to a reduced or thicker flow allowing bacteria to stick. Antihistamines, asthma inhalers, diuretics, high blood pressure pills and anti-depressants are only a few medications that can cause dry mouth.

Frequent sips of water help combat this condition during the day, but obviously won’t help much during the night. Using an over-the-counter rinse that stimulates your own salivary glands (like Biotene) or a rinse that inhibits the stickiness of the bacteria (like a fluoride rinse, such as ACT) before bedtime can keep your mouth happier and healthier.