Vaping the Virus


As if we need another reason to discourage our community to stop vaping…Now we have coronavirus.

Vaping requires a device to deliver a heated and aerosolized liquid (contents not limited to):  nicotine, propylene glycol and menthol) to the lungs.  The ‘vaper’ then exhales the unabsorbed contents into the air around them.

When heated, the ingredients form, among other things, formaldehyde which is a Group 1 carcinogen.  This means it is known to cause cancer in humans.  Apparently, the vaping of e-liquids alone can increase the risk of heart disease even in the ABSENCE of nicotine, according to the Stanford School of Medicine (study released May 2019).

According to Medical News Today, federal and state authorities have been following an outbreak of lung disease among people who use vape and other smokeless tobacco delivery devices, including e-cigarettes.  This began in September of 2019.  Considering propensity of the coronavirus to attack respiratory tissues, this same group of people will likely factor prominently in upcoming study results.

Of course, we already know that nicotine is detrimental to the heart, brain and oral tissues.  The heart and brain are obviously organs that are necessary to have in working order for survival.

When nicotine is applied to the oral cavity, including tongue and throat, we find that it causes poor blood circulation which increases risk of periodontal disease of gums and jawbone.  It changes the natural bacterial balance of the mouth and increases inflammation, allowing unusual bacteria to flourish.

So, let’s add coronavirus to the mix in the air around people who vape…actually, let’s not.  Instead, call your physician or dentist who will be happy to get you or your loved one on the road to healthier mouth, lungs and brain.


Written in the interest of better overall health.

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